Friday, March 29, 2013

Update 69 (captions)


Megan decided to stalk Naomi and Harper

Harper: "I brought you here tonight for a special reason!"

Naomi: "Is Megan in on this?"

 Harper: "Pshh, no. She followed YOU here, not me"

Naomi: "Do you like her?"

Naomi: "Because she doesn't like you"

Naomi: "Just thought I'd save you the embarrassment"

Naomi: "I love you Harper..."

 And Harper seals his love with the first kiss...

Naomi: "Did I kick you?"

Harper: "..."

Harper: "I love you more"

Naomi: "SHUT UP?!"

Naomi: "And this whole time I thought you brought me over her to kidnap me or something!"

 Harper: "Is that why Megan came?"
Naomi: "Megan who?"

Naomi: "We're engaged!"

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